Commission approves Lewis-Beares merger


Beares, currently a division of Ellerine Furnishers and an indirect subsidiary of African Bank Investments Limited (ABIL), is a furniture retailer.

The Commission has recommended to the Competition Tribunal to approve the transaction between Lewis and Beares on condition that no employees are retrenched as a result of the merger, and that job opportunities are offered to employees that have been retrenched by Ellerines.

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The transaction will see Lewis acquire 63 Beares stores that have been identified as viable by the business rescue practitioners. About 393 jobs will also be saved.

This comes after [DATA ABL:African Bank Investments LTD.] was placed under curatorship on the 10 August 2014 due to financial troubles.

The Commission has also approved a similar transaction between furniture manufacturer Coricraft and Dial-a-Bed, a subsidiary of Ellerine. 

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