World Cup collusion construction 'scandal' referred to Competition Tribunal


The charges have been referred to the Competition Tribunal expected to sate the date for hearing.

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“The Commission yesterday, 12 November 2014, referred to the Competition Tribunal, a case of collusive tendering in respect of tenders for the construction of 2010 FIFA World Cup stadia,” read the Commission statement.


The charges are against [DATA WBO:Wilson Bayly Holmes – Ovcon Ltd], [DATA GRF:Group Five Limited], [DATA SSK:Stefanutti Stocks Holdings Limited] and [DATA BSR:Basil Read Holdings Limited]. 

Murray & Roberts Limited has been granted leniency in respect of this conduct.

“The Commission’s investigations found that these firms colluded when bidding for tenders for the construction of 2010 FIFA World Cup Stadia.”

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The Tribunal will now set a date for the case to be heard, where the Commission will lead evidence on the matter.

In the referral, the Commission has asked the Tribunal to confirm that the above firms have contravened the Act, and to impose a maximum administrative penalty of 10 per cent of their respective turnover.