Urbanathlons-The fun way to get fit


“Adventurators are a growing part of our fitness landscape and I think it’s important for us to be in this environment and to bring something fun to our readers. What we’re emphasising is fun fitness,” Jason Brown, the editor of the Men Health magazine told CNBC Africa.

The international urban race, known as an urbanathlon, consists of five obstacles spread over 12 kilometres around Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg.

Brown says that while the race does require a basic level of fitness, all men and women are welcomed to join.


“We’re really not pressurising people to complete an obstacle in one go so if they need to have a second go at an obstacle, that’s fine.”

The Men’s Health team have been running a three month fitness training regime in its magazine in order to prepare readers for the race.

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“We’ve been working on this race for six months. I think it’s important to bring a brand like Men’s Health to life. It’s about reaching readers and showing that we not only publish a magazine, but we’re also in the realm of our readers,” added Brown.

“I also think it’s important for us to partner with the right kind of readers who have the same kind of goals, health is an important growing industry.”