SAA increases capacity on several African routes


This as the airline aims to keep up with the demand for air travel and as it implements its strategy to keep the business profitable.

“We have taken a decision to increase capacity on some of the key African routes or destinations in which we operate,” said SAA spokesperson, Tlali Tlali.

“This emanates from the demand for more capacity and must also be understood in the context of the implementation of the long term turnaround strategy by the airline. We are not by any chance, suggesting that there isn’t growth in other areas on the continent.”


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He also stated that the airline’s commercial mandate requires that it expand on the African continent so that its market share increases.

“Part of our observation is the fact that we have noticed that the GDP growth in some of these countries, the destinations that we fly to, has grown significantly,” he added.

“Customers, because of the economic growth activity in those countries, have a disposable income which they can utilise in the manner that they deem fit, part of which would include making use of air transport.”

Tlali further indicated that the airline has put measures in place to improve its service, some of which will be announced towards the end of the year.

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“Any demand for capacity works to both the advantage of the airline and to the advantage of the customers,” he said.

“We have a dual mandate, part of which is the commercial mandate which requires us to operate in a manner that is commercially sustainable, that moves towards profitability.”