S.African minister raise concern over drug use in schools


Deputy Minister in the Presidency Buti Manamela made the remarks noting with deep concern the media reports on young children in school who have been filmed taking drugs and engaging in risky sexual behavior in school.

“It is of concern to us as the ministry responsible for youth development that young people engage in such acts with no consideration for the consequences of their actions and go as far as putting it on film.  

“We condemn in the strongest terms the acts and encourage the learners to seek help and rehabilitation from such revolting acts,” said Manamela.


“We urge communities and fellow learners in schools to report those involved in the possession and trade of illegal substances.”

Manamela urged South Africans, particularly the youth to not give into peer pressure and say “NO!” to drugs and illegal substances.

“In the case where addiction has occurred it is important to remember that addiction can be beaten and government appeals to drug users to seek help,” he said.

Manamela added that South Africa needs young people who will take South Africa forward not be a burden on of the resources of the country.

“Drugs and illegal substances are a deterrent to the development of young people and ultimately to a bright future,” he said.    

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“The Presidency will continue to work closely with the Department of Social Development and other relevant government departments on strategies to ensure that substance abuse does not destroy the lives of young people.”