DRC makes move to lure S.African private sector


The governor of the Orientale Province, Jean Bamanisa Saidi told CNBC Africa that the two countries needed to promote more trade and business relations.

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“We have to increase the level of relationship between DRC and South Africa. South Africa helped us with Sun City Agreement and we should make sure that the relationship grows,” said Saidi.


The Sun City Agreement was an agreement that was signed between some of the warring parties in the second DRC war in 2002 as a result of the Inter-Congolese dialogue (ICD). 

The agreement was witnessed by then South African President Thabo Mbeki as well as the heads of state from the region.

Saidi said his trip was meant to help enhance that relationship as he was meeting business and government leaders.

“We are looking for ways of bringing more companies into the country and the province.  We are partnering with [DATA PPC:PPC Ltd]where we are building a very big factory in the Western province,” he said.

Saidi said there were plenty of opportunities in agriculture, public works, energy, mining, water, construction, health and sanitation.

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“We are building local enterprises and public professional enterprises so we are open to partnering with private companies.”

He added that it was possible through these partnerships to have plantations of palm oil, rubber and also other farming activities.

Saidi said the DRC was making movements towards divestment and decentralisation as new laws that came with peace accord have brought new opportunities.

“Congo is a new country and South Africa is helping us a lot, we have a very good relationship between our two countries,” he said.