SACCI satisfied with Zuma’s state of the nation address


Vusi Khumalo, president of SACCI, says President Jacob Zuma addressed important issues in the SONA.

“SACCI is pleased to note that the nine point plan to ignite growth and create jobs includes actions that it believes will provide the impetus that South Africa so badly needs.  The SME sector can play a pivotal role in achieving the successful implementation of the initiatives,” said Khumalo.

He added that SACCI hopes that the government will include stakeholders, specifically business, to contribute in the implementation of the programmes.


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With regards to South Africa’s energy crisis, Khumalo said he was pleased to know that resolving the country’s power problems was at the top of government’s agenda.

“It is regrettable that even the short term initiatives are unlikely to deliver early results. Without solutions to the electricity crisis, successful implementation of the other priorities will not be possible in the short to medium term,” he said.

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However, SACCI considers the current Migration Policy as a hindrance to foreign direct investment; however they would welcome the opportunity to discuss the policy and its associated regulations.

“Business extends a hand of cooperation to government and is ready, willing and able to assist in ensuring that South Africa moves steadily towards becoming a priority domestic and foreign investment destination, the key to growth, job creation, poverty alleviation and a better life for all.”