Delta migrates to Mauritius, to list on JSE Main Board


According to a group statement, the registrar of companies in Mauritius has  provided provisional approval for the continuation of Delta International as a Public Company subject to formal discontinuance in Bermuda.

“As such, from the effective date of the migration the company will be discontinued in Bermuda and continued in Mauritius,” read [DATA DLI:Delta International Property Holdings Limited]’s statement.

The group added that, subject to the relevant local formalities being satisfied, the effective date of the migration will be on or about 11 March 2015.


Delta International has made application under the Listing Rules of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Limited for the admission of its shares on the Official Market of the SEM by way of an introduction.

Delta International is expected to terminate its listing on the Bermuda Stock Exchange once it is admitted on the SEM.

The company has also made an application to the JSE for the transfer of its South African listing from the Alternative Exchange of the stock exchange to its Main Board.

(WATCH VIDEO: Delta International lists on the JSE)

Delta International is in the process of completing the legal, regulatory and compliance requirements of the Bermuda Registrar of Companies, the SEM and the JSE.