Zuma denies helicopter scandal


South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has denied reports that his family members are using military helicopters for personal travel.

Zuma has been fingered in a number of high profile abuse of state resources cases since taking over from deposed Thabo Mbeki.

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Some of the abuses President Zuma has been fingered on include the upgrades at his homestead in Nkandla and the abuse of military base airport by his friends – the Gupta family.  

Zuma’s response on the use of helicopters follows media reports suggesting that his family was using military aircraft between Durban and Nkandla.

“Tasking for the President’s travel is made by the Presidency and it is stipulated clearly that the aircraft or helicopter is being booked for his use,” the Presidency said in a statement.

“Family members such as a spouse or a child may travel if accompanying the principal. At no stage has the Presidency ever make bookings for family members travelling alone.”

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The South African Air Force has also informed the Presidency that no such misuse of the helicopters has ever occurred.

“The Presidency is alarmed by the blatant reporting of such an untruth, the purpose of which could only be to contribute to the stereotyping of the President and his family,” protested the Presidency.