No faya for DJ Sbu's Mofaya


The company currently manufacturing Sibusiso Leope’s energy drink, Mofaya, has come under scrutiny after attaching the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) stamp of approval on the product even though it has not been accredited by the bureau.

In an interview on CNBC Africa’s Business This Week (watch Fridays 6-7pmCAT), Leope, who is popularly known as DJ Sbu, admitted that the energy drink did indeed contain the ‘SABS approved’ sticker on the can.

Leope explained that the reasoning behind the sticker appearing on the can was based on the assumption that the manufacturer was certified.


“If it [the manufacturing plant] is approved then we are automatically approved … we made the mistake,” he said.

Frank Makamo, an executive responsible for certification explained in a statement released by SABS, that it has identified a number of companies in the country which have “violated its legislation by appending the SABS mark of approval on their products without going through the proper certification process”.

“One such company, which has been active on the issue of the SABS mark of approval on social media, produces the energy drink, Mofaya.”

According to Makamo, false SABS approval means that the factory has not gone through the necessary protocols, including factory inspections and laboratory inspections. He added that failure to adhere to the protocols could expose the consumer to safety and health risks.

The statement highlighted that the company would be brought to book.

Leope said entrepreneurs in the country faced many challenges, extended red tape being one of them.

Leope will now also have to worry about the manufacturer of his bread and toilet paper which he is trying to break into the local market.

The news comes on the back of the DJ’s suspension from his radio show and his social media feud with Forbes Africa over a false cover, however this matter has since been resolved.

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Chris Bishop & Sbu