Mozambique tourism ride on S.Africa’s visa restrictions


Mozambique has seen a rise in the number of tourists visiting the country at a time when South Africa is experiencing a sharp drop.

South Africa’s travel and tourism industry performed significantly lower than expected in the second quarter 2015 largely as a result of new visa regulations.

“As expected, new visa legislation with regards to biometrics and unabridged birth certificates topped the list of key factors contributing to the drop in performance,” read part of the Tourism Business Index statement. 


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Restrictive regulations in South Africa have given opportunity for Mozambique’s tourism sector to grow.

Mozambique saw a 15 percent surge in the number of visitors in the last year as most foreign visitors are believed to have visited the southern Africa country following visa restrictions in South Africa.

Albino Celestino-Mahumana, director general of the Mozambique Tourism Authority said his country has got a lot of opportunities in natural resources sectors such as oil, gas and tourism.

“We need private sector to come on board and work with the government.  The role of the government is to create an enabling environment for investment and we are working to make sure the environment is investor friendly,” said Celestino-Mahumana.

He further stated that his country is also involved in the East3Route saying all member countries had an equal opportunity to make some linkages that will help facilitate trade and movement of people and goods easier in the region.

The East3Route was conceived by the governments of South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland with the aim to promote eco-tourism development capitalising on the region’s exciting topographical landmarks.

Celestino-Mahumana said it was much more attractive to promote tourism as a region than as individual countries.