Union president implores justice on Transnet Neotel deal


United National Transport Union (UNTUpresident, Transnet’s biggest union, has confronted management on the alleged dubious contracts, to which there was no response.

George Strauss, president of UNTU, said following incriminating reports of the Transnet and Neotel deal; he sought answers from management to establish if there was any value to the reports.

Transnet has reportedly awarded two mega-sized projects to Neotel without a tender process or procedural diligence.  The CEO and CFO of Neotel are currently on special leave pending investigations.


Strauss said, “They had the opportunity to share with us, or deny or admit or whatever the case may be but nothing came out of it.”

“If there is wrongdoing in this, I cannot accept the fact that people get away with it, if it is so,” he said, although currently unable to make a confirmation if there is.

Strauss said the effect of this on his members and adding to his frustration cumulatively, is that an MDS (market demand strategy) has been signed with the government where a lot of development is set to take place.

Strauss relayed it back to his role that every cent that was spent, that shouldn’t have been spent, directly affects the amount of members that can join and the results of the MDS.

He suggested that this matter, much like the PRASA debacle, be handed over to the public protector to deliberate over.

“Transnet is actually looking at problems at this stage because of the price of the coal and iron ore that went down so drastically,” he shared.