EasyEquities making it easy to invest


Young people can now buy equities even from their tablets, thanks to technology launched by EasyEquities.

The EasyEquities platform enables users to invest in securities which include whole shares and fractional share rights (FSRs).

“This is a platform for all South Africans of all ages and backgrounds to begin trading,” Charles Savage, chief executive of Purple Group told CNBC Africa.


“Our youngest investor is three and our oldest investor is in his 80s. He never thought he would ever own shares as he was intimidated by the process of buying shares.”

Savage said the project was targeting school-going children so they could start investing early.

“The starting point is the school, so we are piloting a programme now where we want to introduce a curriculum that supports 12-year-[old] kids inside schools in South Africa,” he said.

“We want to make sure that kids and parents buy what they know, they understand, surround their daily lives and what they love.”

Savage said his organisation supports investors with research, weekly updates, notes and also webinar and seminars.

He added that for now the organisation had YouTube posts with educational material.

Encouraging young people to invest, Savage said the platform was supposed to be a long-term investment platform.

“It’s not a trading platform but an investment platform; it’s about saving some cash and putting it into equities so that when opportunities come you can use that investment to buy more,” he said.

“The greatest force of investing is not what you buy but how long you own it,” he added.

He said “If we can get kids engaging, teenagers and people starting their careers to investing in equities then we are going to have a fantastic outcome.”

“The biggest risk for the investor is not getting started,” he warned.