New policies set to rattle S.Africa's agribusiness


South Africa’s farmers are being called to find creative solutions that allow farmworkers to share in their bottom line. 

Following South Africa’s ruling party – the ANC’s National General Council (NGC) meeting, the potential for policies mandating farm owners to give a percentage of their equity stakes to farmworkers was mooted.

Aggrey Mahanjana, secretary general of the African Farmer’s Association, spoke to CNBC Africa and confirmed that there were various talks surrounding these potential policies as well as land and agrarian reforms.


According to Mahanjana, the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Gugile Nkwinti tabled a report on these issues and the ANC has endorsed these policies.

The policy on land ceding and foreign ownership is already a bill that could be law before the end of this year, he said. 

Mahanjana shared that at the beginning of the year the president proposed the initiative of 50 projects where the farmers could come up with any model that would ensure that farmworkers get a reasonable share.

“It’s not necessarily this 50/50 as such, it’s that the farmworkers must begin to get respect and to be part of the business in whatever form… it depends on how each farmer is creative  “ he said.