A third of foodstuffs are lost each year: Bosch


A third of foodstuffs are lost each year from field to table, this is according to Bosch’s Packaging Division.

The engineering group says this loss is felt more in regions where there is a food deficit like Africa.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, between 1980 and 2007, Africa’s total net food imports in real terms grew at 3.4 per cent per year.


“The core finding is that population growth, low and stagnating agricultural productivity, policy distortions, weak institutions and poor infrastructure are the main reasons,” added a FAO report.

Bosch’s Packaging Division says, in less developed countries, foodstuff losses result from inadequate harvesting conditions and lack of infrastructure, such as inappropriate storage.

According to the group’s packaging division, there is a need to incorporate technology to minimise losses.

“Packaging allows food to be transported better over long distances, and also improves the preservation and storage of food.”

The food losses have seen Bosch partnering with the United Nations’ FAO through the Save Food initiative as far back as 2011.

The initiative seeks to combat global food losses and waste, and ensure less food is lost en route to customers and by customers.

Bosch’s Chief Executive Volkmar Denner said his company through innovation will help address some challenges the continent is facing of which food losses is one of them. 

*Bosch funded Trust Matsilele’s trip to the company’s Packaging Plant in Germany.