S.Africa's Gauteng premier calls for improved trade in the region


Gauteng, as a province that hosts most diplomats in the country, has a role to play in Africa’s Agenda 2063 and development; this is according to Gauteng Premier, David Makhura.

“We, as the industrial and financial hub of sub-Saharan Africa have a role in the region’s industrialisation agenda,” Makhura told CNBC Africa ahead of his dinner with regional diplomats.

He also said the South African and Gauteng economy was highly integrated into the SADC economy calling for improved trade relations.


“We have the most developed infrastructure in the sub region so our intervention should start in the regional block. We would like to expand our activities into the east Africa and West Africa as the regions are experiencing a rise,” he added.

“There are major economies in the East African region playing a key role such as Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia, with the West African region there is Nigeria and Ghana.”

Makhura said there were a lot of Gauteng-based companies doing business in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

“As political leadership we should be playing a leading role in giving assurances to companies from South Africa doing business in the region.”

“The South African government is much involved in the various platforms to help open up markets and make it easy for our businesses to operate. Our ambassadors’ and diplomats are fully involved in ensuring that tensions and difficulties South African companies are facing are resolved.”

He also urged business people doing in the region to understand other cultural dynamics.

“Every country has its own unique and a business culture; we can always do our best to educate our business people about these dynamics,” he said.