Africities Summit presents policy building opportunity


The Africities Summit, hosted in the golden square mile of Africa, saw an opportunity for the evaluation of how various policies will be implemented in Africa.

Speaking to CNBC Africa, the Secretary General for the Council of European Municipalities, Frederic Vallier, expressed how Europe is keen to forge ties with Africa and share its experience.

“Europe and Africa have a long history, not always very good but we have links between the two continents. For us, Europe, it’s very important to participate in this summit because we can build together some meaningful policy development and corporations,” says Vallier.


Vallier says that Europe and Africa can learn a lot from their experiences and transfer technology and policies to ensure good development in Africa.

On security infrastructure, Vallier isn’t sure they can offer any solutions as security in Europe is also “very crucial”.

“Of course we have problems with terrorist attacks, but not only that. It’s security in environment, it’s security in other issues, and this is something we need to assess better and find a good balance,” says Vallier.

On the crucial ‘16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children’ campaign in South Africa, Vallier, unknowingly, emphasized the importance of protecting women.

“In order to make our countries secure, we must also ensure security for women, this is a very important aspect of security. Women are very vulnerable in terms of security,” says Vallier.

Vallier spoke about the migrant trends to European countries. He seperated them in two segments, refugees running away from war torn countries and migrants seeking better lives. For the “Islam seekers”, Vallier says measures need to be taken to welcome them.

“We need to build meaningful policies to host those refugees because you cannot live in a country with war, in a country you lost everything in. There’s the Geneva Convention, there we have to address that seriously,” says Vallier.

On the migrants seeking better lives, Vallier says the main answer is the development of their own properties.

“We need to make it possible for humans, for Africans mostly, to live in their continents and to prosper. They must have education and have access to sanitation and health and also access to development and health,” says Vallier.