'Tis the season to be tucking


As we enter the festive season, we’re taking a look at what people will be spending their money on and besides gifting others – some will be rewarding themselves with some surgical and non-surgical enhancements.

Little research has been done on the South African cosmetic industry but apparently the festive season is quite a lucrative time for plastic surgeons in the country; this is according to plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Ridwan Mia.

“What we see at this time of the year is people want to make themselves feel better and increase their confidence and they feel they need to reward themselves after a long hard year’s work,” said Mia.


This time of the year is quite popular as people are on leave, allowing for recovery time and and have more disposable income, with bonuses explains the surgeon.

Mia addressed the many types of surgery people check in for, from breast augmentation and liposuction to non-invasive methods such as oxygen facials.

“People are becoming aware that technology has advanced in the aesthetic medical field, it has advanced so much that we can do many procedures in a non-surgical way,” he said.

He sees a trend in people wanting to use less invasive ways to augment and reckons the media and celebrities have had a major impact in that movement.

However for those who still want to make it back to work, Mia recommends one of the “lunchtime procedures” like Botox or fillers, allowing you to look “rejuvenated” without surgery.

“People can come in and have a skin peel for example – not deep enough to cause you any discomfort, so you can literally go back to work after that,” he said.

Through the year he notices that more foreigners visit him to have work done as they appreciate that the private healthcare infrastructure in South Africa is up to par with what they are looking for.

The doctor says South Africans are more inclined to do breast augmentation procedures, rhinoplasty and non-surgical, cosmetic methods.

Liposuction is another process which has gained popularity in South Africa and Mia agrees this can be attributed to the unhealthy lifestyle the country leads.

“I think every plastic surgeon in the country is doing much more liposuction than we ever did before because people want to look better, slimmer and get there faster.”

Despite heavy international popularity and controversy, butt implants are not as popular in the country, however many foreigners come for a variety of butt enhancing surgeries which range anywhere between 50 and 200 thousand rand.

The surgeon touched on the various types of breast implants that are in the market, to serve different needs, such as textured or anatomical breasts which are more expensive and more natural.

And unlike before, the technology is much more advanced, in that if for some reason it should burst, the process to clean and repair it is less difficult or harmful to the patient.

Mia says you could be looking at between 40 to 65 thousand rand for breast augmentation, depending on different parts of the country, surgeons, size, hospitals, and the recovery period.