Digital marketing duo makes it big


Three years ago, two men, one in advertising and one in the stock market found themselves bored in their industries, quit their jobs and started an online advertising agency. Their risk paid off.

Jacques Du Bruyn and Ruan Oosthuizen started Flume. They now represent big companies both internationally and domestically, starting with Mutual & Federal.

“You always start out with an idea and then it evolves from that, essentially – we are a 360 digital marketing agency, that means we tackle anything from SEO to web development,” said Du Bruyn.


He adds that it offers online campaigns, social media management and most importantly online media buying which is one of the company’s biggest strengths .

Oosthuizen admits it’s a struggle running a business and that there are always people that want to enter the industry and it is quite easy.

“Anyone with a laptop these days can start an agency and that is kind of where we started,” said Oosthuizen.

The duo wants to target the blue-chip companies.

“When we started out, we obviously started out with the smaller guys but now our main client base is clients like Old Mutual SA, Club Med South Africa, Nedbank Wealth…” said Du Bruyn.

Oosthuizen reckons a lot of their success is due to luck but also that as a small business, partners should choose each other very “particularly” so that there is balance.

“Jacques is very creative, he can sell you the moon and I on the other hand, I step back – if I sell you the moon, I need to know I can deliver the moon, that kind of balance plays of well.

“I think it’s just putting in the hard work, late hours, early mornings and making sure you are constantly on the cutting edge – in contact with the bigger players and making sure your clients get what they need,” said Oosthuizen.