Are we doing enough to address gender inequality?


Gender inequality is still a pervasive issue in South Africa and worldwide and more needs to be done to address this endemic problem. This requires transformation of cultures and approaches in schools and workplaces.

The inequality gap is currently at the centre of the ongoing elections in the USA where in the bulk of state, women are paid less than men for the same jobs.

“We focus so much on numbers and quotas without addressing the underlying challenges,” this is according to Lisa Vetten, research associate, Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research.


She warned that the heavy focus on quotas posed a challenge.

“One of the structural barriers we are still dealing with is the kinds of work that women and men d0,” said Vetten.

She added that the bulk of women are still sitting in low paying jobs such as nursing, teaching and domestic work.

“There is still a huge pay back in industries. Unless we start shifting on who does what and makes ladies see that they can go into manufacturing and mining,” added Vetten.

She also said there was a need to address issues like sexual harassment and gender based violence so as to make sure that the workplace was a welcoming environment for both genders.

Vetten warned that women do much more unpaid work than males.

“We still don’t see most women owning companies as most are stuck in the informal work.”

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