What companies need to know about leadership development


Organisations are not investing enough in leadership development; Niels -Peter Van Doorn, Head of Leadership Consulting at Borderless Research told CNBC Africa.

Borderless advises executives in managing the main challenge facing business leaders.

“In the past 15 years we have been working in the leadership development space and we have seen that there has been a change of approach in attempting to bring leadership closer to the business.”


Van Doorn said the focus to spend some time in developing leadership has diminished.

“The attention paid to its development has changed; about 15 years ago most organisations would spend twice a year reflecting on how they led. This rarely happens anymore,” he added.

“The research found that about 44 per cent of the executives rate leadership development in their organisations as poor while 60 per cent” expressed dissatisfaction with their organisation’s investment in leadership.

Van Doorn said what would make leadership development work well was integrating development with everyday work.

According to Van Doorn, the 2016 leadership development survey conducted by Borderless Research captured insights from close to 1,000 senior executives across a range of industries.

“The high rate of response and depth of feedback demonstrates that leadership development is of high relevance and is considered a key enabler of business strategy and growth.”

The survey also found that about 56 per cent of people polled believe support from top management to be critical for ensuring effective leadership development within organisations.