Is streaming the future of Africa's music industry?


Beyoncé’s album Lemonade was exclusively released on streaming service Tidal last Saturday and is now available on iTunes.

CNBC Africa weighed in on the debate of whether exclusive streaming is fair to consumers and why it is something that has not been as popular in Africa.

Antos Stella, Managing Director of Content Connect Africa told CNBC Africa that streaming has become extremely successful in Europe and America because of low costs of data. This gives Africa and other continents a learning model.


“Streaming is very popular with the consumer and not necessarily with the composer and artist unless one is a top end artist,” she said.

“Streaming is the future of the music industry but I don’t think we have found the balance yet to sustain the music industry; it is very much dominated by the major players.”

She also said, for now, the region was dominated by the download market.

“Africa has vibrant downloading market, over 200 million caller ringtone are consumed on monthly basis. It is cost effective and it gives a consumer option of changing ring tones every day based on consumer demands,” added Stella.

“There are a lot of new players coming into the continent with streaming models; this has to be more effective for artist and component.”