South Africa’s Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba, during an interview with CNBC Africa called on all South Africans to work together to grow the economy. He was speaking to the broadcaster following the 2017 Thomson Reuters Economist of the year event hosted at the JSE.

“There is no single individual who will be a messiah for the South Africa economy,” he said. We need all role-players- business, labour, government and civil society to work together.

We need unity in action and purpose towards restoring growth in our economy, he added.

The finance minister argued that there are certain steps we need to take to reignite growth in the economy such as addressing ourselves to policy and programmes like telecommunications, state owned companies, the reformed process, stabilising the governance and financial position of state owned companies, implementing some of the fiscal policy and procurement policy reforms, land reform programmes and so on.

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“What we’ve done under the aegis of the president is to meet with various sector departments cited as critical to this economic recovery programme to develop an action plan with clear action steps and timelines that we are going to implement to respond to the situation we are in and lift the economy up”, he added

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  1. Many African countries are in economic recession and are struggling to get out the simple solutions are to increase production and reduce borrowings.
    1. All leakages should be blocked in form of non productive spending and corruption
    2. Increase in agricultural production for domestic consumption, processing and manufacturing and export to earn hard currencies
    3. Increase in manufacturing to reduce importation, generate jobs and income for the government and households

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