HARARE (Reuters and CNBC Africa) – Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe in a widely watched address at 9pm CAT on ZBC failed to announce plans to step down despite expectations. The 93 year old discussed the economy, the state of Zanu-PF and  agriculture season. At times he was  incoherent. He even seemed to have skipped a few pages in the process.

In response Zanu-PF had this to say:

Mugabe’s defiance left many dismayed:

Others unsurprised:

Earlier in the day Mugabe was dismissed as leader of Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party  in a move to force a peaceful end to his 37 years in power following a de facto military coup.

He was replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa, the deputy he sacked this month, sources at a special ZANU-PF meeting to decide Mugabe’s fate told Reuters.

Mugabe later in the day met military chiefs for a second round of negotiations to encourage him to stand down after 37 years in power, according to The Herald state newspaper.

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