Social issues top WEF's global agenda

The World Economic Forum’s Summit on the Global Agenda is set to focus on a number of key social issues.

Europe moves to ban South African citrus imports

Europe has found 35 contaminated shipments of black spot disease citrus fruit, which growers fear could spread in their groves.

Trade financing on the rise

Companies are starting to consider the benefits of trade financing as international and domestic trade increases.

Africa’s richest 50

Forbes Africa Magazine’s list of this year's top 50 rich people in the continent was released on Wednesday.

Rising middle class helps Africa’s FMCG market growth

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Fast-Moving Consumer Goods market has had major growth due to rising middle class incomes and changing tastes.
We’re looking at industrialisation across the value chain: Aganga

Sub-Saharan Africa at the sweet spot of sugar production

Sugar demand in sub-Saharan Africa will continue its growing trend due to rising income levels and population in Africa.

Africa’s banking sectors on the rise

Retail banking is on the rise in a number of sub-Saharan African countries and continue to boast a thriving banking sector.

Sub-Saharan Africa the next big growth story

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa are showing robust growth without the support of mineral resources.

Fake retail products, a global problem

The sale and distribution of fake brands seems to be a global issue, not just an African one.

Transforming Africa’s fragile states

While 26 of Africa’s 55 member countries remain in a fragile state, the majority of them will gradually become middle income countries.

China makes strides in reform development

China's economy is steadily improving and enhancing its policy.