Fighting spreads to near flashpoint South Sudan town

South Sudanese soldiers clashed on Wednesday near the flashpoint town of Bor in fighting that has spread from the capital.

Port infrastructure in Africa improves

Africa’s port infrastructure has seen development and progress in recent times.

Africa’s nascent maritime industry

Africa’s ship building industry is expected to grow as new development plans are put in place to combat piracy and insecurity.

Increasing food production necessary as Africa grows

Africa will have to find innovative ways to significantly increase its food production to cater for the rapidly growing population.

It’s Africa’s time to thrive in technology: Thakkar

Africa has turned into a hub and new frontier for technology, and giving young creative the opportunity to profit from it.

Africa on solid growth path

Africa now has the financial and technical capacity to eliminate health disparities and further improve its thriving industries.

M&A activity in Africa on the rise

Mergers and acquisition activity in Africa is on the increase and creating untapped investment opportunities for the continent.
York Timber reports 14% revenue increase

Republic of Congo finds new ways to combat illegal logging

The Republic of Congo is looking at new ways to develop conservation-based economic opportunities for its vast forest and logging activities

Megabucks China coming to a TV screen near you

In the next three years, China will spend close to $1 billion buying a share of Africa's digital satellite television market.

Challenges Africa faces in DTV transition

African countries plan to make the switch from analogue to digital television but a number of factors could slow the transition down.

China-Africa relationship still growing strong

China may be playing a more integral role in Africa these days but the China-Africa relationship did not develop overnight.

Africa's DTV transition an opportunity for local content

The birth of Africa’s digital satellite television platform is an opportunity for the continent to support local television content.