Port infrastructure in Africa improves

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“Recently, we have seen developments in the ports in Dar es Salaam. We have seen the expansion of the terminal in Mombasa. We’ve seen expansion in Namibia. There is greater effort on the part of the board authorities, on the part of governments to ensure that the capacity that is created is sufficient and, in fact, comes ahead of the demand that is there,” Tau Morwe, the chief executive of Transnet National Ports Authority of South Africa, told CNBC Africa.         

The Transnet National Ports Authority has signed a memorandum of understanding with Angola, Tanzania and Kenya. This will establish a partnership between these ports on matters of common interest.

“The significance would be that the ports authority within the region would, for the first time, be working together to resolve problems within their port environments. They would also be sharing, with certain limitations, information in terms of how to improve processes, issues around information technology,” Morwe explained.

“The key here is that we would have ports within the region working with each other to resolve problems within the region.”

Morwe added that the memorandum would also assist business development and the ease of doing business within Africa.

“When we look at the memorandum of understanding, we also need to look at how the board authorities would work together in improving issues within the various corridors – the North-South corridor, the Maputo corridor, the Walvis Bay corridor. In addressing that they would, at the same time, also be addressing the problems experienced by landlocked countries,” he said.     

“The regional economic commissions could agree on certain protocols. The problem is that the individual governments within the region take their own time in implementing those protocols. In some instances, the regulatory certainty isn’t there and those are the things we want to be working with the regional governments to identify and to start working on.”