WEF Africa to address quality of African growth

by Trust Matsilele 0

“We expect to have consensus after this meeting of improving the quality of this growth [to ensure that its all inclusive],” Frank Nweke, head of WEF secretariat told CNBC Africa.

The WEF Africa successfully kick-started on Wednesday in the federal capital of Nigeria-Abuja, after a series of terror attacks that threatened the halting of the annual global event.

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According to organisers people from over 70 countries have already arrived in the country to take part in the meetings.

“We surprisingly have over 3,000 people who have arrived to take part in the event with 1,500 scheduled to participate in the meetings. The fact that this is going to be the largest meeting outside Davos is unprecedented, especially coming after people having expressed concerns.”

“Part of the reason why support for this meeting was overwhelmingly is because of the theme: Forging inclusive growth- creating jobs; which goes to the heart of the matter when talking about insurgency and social conflicts,” Nweke added.

Responding to security aspects during the WEF Africa summit, Nweke said guests were assured of their safety.

“Every government should focus on the safety, welfare and well-being of her citizens that’s the primary responsibility. One way to doing this is by putting in place security strategies.”

Nweke added that it would have been unfortunate if the global community had succumbed to terror fears and given the insurgency what they wanted because at some point it was clear that they wanted to shoot down the meeting.

“I can say safely that the people involved in the kind of activities that has thrown the nation into mourning are an insignificant number of people and so for millions in this country and the global community to succumb to their blackmail and to their activity would have been a tragedy.”

The preparations leading up to the WEF Africa summit have been intense, partly, due to Nyanya bombings just outside federal capital Abuja where the summit is taking place.

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The government departments have been working intensively to assure guests of their safety as to ensure success of the event.