CNBC Africa launches flagship studio at JSE


“We’ve been reporting from the JSE and all other major exchanges since our launch but from today we will be the first television network that will have the ability to uplink live and integrate all our bureaus from within Africa and internationally, directly from the JSE,” said CNBC Africa founder and vice chairman, Rakesh Wahi.

“This initiative will see us create additional capacity within our existing infrastructure and have the ability to increase our content from nine hours to 14 hours of original African content every day.”

CNBC Africa delivers pan-African business and economic news daily to the sub-Saharan African region and is aimed at decision makers, chief executives, members of government, entrepreneurs, aspirational viewers as well as brokers, fund managers, private investors and day traders.


Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) chief executive, Nicky Newton-King, believes that the venue will be a place where South Africa’s top chief executives and top business commentators can meet and get their stories to the public.

“We are at the JSE, a place at which our listed companies and investors like to meet. We’re also at a place from which stakeholders expect to receive the top business news, affecting listed companies regularly, on time,” she said.

“The business media plays a very important role in critically analysing that news, in demystifying the markets and in making sure that stakeholders are aware of developments that affect the value of their investments.”  

The channel, which launched in June 2007, will now see its core markets programmes – Open Exchange, Power Lunch and Closing Bell broadcast directly from the JSE.

Wahi added, “Today, on 15 May 2014, CNBC Africa, on the eve of our 7th birthday, will be the first pan African channel that will be reporting live from a completely integrated studio and communication centre on the JSE.”

“The JSE is amongst the top exchanges in the world and being able to leverage on their knowledge, systems and data will be invaluable for us. I see long-term value in our being located here and we will now pick up some strategic projects with the JSE management, so that investments in the global market are further capitalised.”