CAR rebuilds war-torn communities

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The CAR civil war which began in April 2013 left many district’s public infrastructure abandoned or destroyed.

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Community leaders from a district in Bangui have come together for the first time since the war to begin identifying and prioritising key infrastructure projects in order to restore their country’s public works.  

About 62 representatives took part in the meeting, including members from women’s associations, youth organisations, displaced people and religious communities from 29 neighbourhoods across the district.

According to the European Union (EU), this was the first of several community meetings that will take place in Bangui as part of an EU funded 18 month project called the “Community Stabilization and Retention of Mixed Communities.”  

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“The initiative aims to support mixed communities in Bangui and increase social cohesion and dialogue by facilitating the rehabilitation of community infrastructure,” said the EU in a statement.

The project, which officially started in April 2014 and already has over 400 direct beneficiaries, is meant to target the whole of Bangui but is mostly focused on the third and fifth arrondissements, which are made up of mixed communities in terms of ethnic, religious and economic diversity.

Parts of the project have already kicked off such as the street cleaning programme which has employed over 300 youths to carry out the rehabilitation of markets, gutters and drains, and to provide waste management support to sites for internally displaced persons.

The EU have stated that other programmes such as the rehabilitation of a maternity clinic, the installation of street lights and public garbage bins, as well as the repair of bridges, will be following soon after feasibility studies have been conducted by the International Organisation for Migration.