Kagame calls for a borderless Africa

by Trust Matsilele 0

Addressing a panel discussion organised by the African Development Bank (AfDB) under the theme – The Future We Want for Africa, Rwandan President Paul Kagame said it was incumbent upon every African to play a part in the continent.

The meeting was organised on the side-lines of the AfDB Annual Meetings.

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Articulated in Africa Union’s “Agenda 2063 – the Future We Want for Africa” the vision aspires for as an integrated, people-cantered, prosperous Africa and a region at peace with itself.

Rwandan president Paul Kagame noted that the continent had seen rapid improvements over the past few decades but said more was supposed to be done.

“We are far from where we want to be, but we are not where we used to be 20 years ago. Each person needs to make a contribution to their own country and continent,” Kagame said.

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He added that it was vital for regional economies to capacitate their own citizens to ensure Africa’s growth was both inclusive and shared.

“In the policies of our country we have tried to build on our people as that is our  major resource.”

The Rwandan statesman added that it was senseless for African countries to fail to help each other in eradicating poverty and unemployment.

Kagame noted that African markets need to be integrated and said the barrier that needed to be addressed first was the mind-sets of regional citizens.

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The annual meetings aim to reflect on the aspirations of the African people, which have risen to high levels in recent years as Africa’s economies expand and affluence begins to reach some segments of the populations.

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The AfDB says to achieve its potential, Africa’s development trajectory over the next 50 years must be firmly anchored in the aspirations of its people – women and men, young and old, rural and urban populations of all age groups.