Kenya slams ‘only’ South Africans with strict visa requirements


“Further to our earlier communication on the above matter, the Mission writes to reconfirm that visa requirements for South African nationals will become effective on 1st September, 2014,” the High Commission added.

East Africa’s biggest economy notified South Africans travelling into and transiting through Kenya that unlike in the past, visas will not be issued at the port of entry anymore.

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The new visa regime comes with a hefty cost.

“The service charge and visa fee payments will be made at the Kenya High Commission/Embassy premises and visas will no longer be issued upon arrival in Kenya,” read a statement from the high commission.

The new visa requirements for South African nationals will become effective on 1st September, 2014.

Among others the changes calls on South Africans travelling into Kenya to be in possession of a return ticket, invitation letter from the host in the Republic of Kenya, bank statement with proof of funds.

Temporary passports will not be accepted for the facilitation of South African travellers.

“Ordinary Visa applicants traveling to or transiting through Kenya will be required to pay a service charge of R 750 ($70) for single entry visits lasting not longer than 30 days,” noted the High Commission.

“Charges for single entry visa for visits lasting longer than 30 days are 750 rand service charge and 500 rand visa fees. For a multiple entry visa valid for 12 months, the charges are 750 rand service charge, 150 rand application fee and 1,200 rand visa fees.”

The tit-for-tat visa requirements between these two countries makes it difficult not only for ordinary citizens to travel in between these two countries but for trade and business as well.

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The new laws do not affect holders of official and diplomatic passports.