UN to set up Ebola crisis center, aims to stop spread in six to nine months


The crisis center could be up and running in six to nine months, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced on Friday. 

Ban called on the international community to provide 600 million US dollars needed for supplies in West Africa, where more than 3,500confirmed or probable cases of the haemorrhagic fever have been reported and more than 1,900 people have died since March.

Meanwhile a U.S. missionary with Ebola has been reported to have arrived at Nebraska hospital.


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The third U.S. medical missionary to become infected with the Ebola virus was wheeled on a gurney into the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha for treatment after being flown therefrom West Africa, a spokeswoman for the medical center said on Friday.

Dr. Rick Sacra, a 51-year-old Boston physician, contracted Ebola while working at a hospital in Liberia on behalf of the North Carolina-based Christian group SIM USA.

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Sacra had worked in the obstetrics ward at the ELWA Hospital of SIM in Monrovia.

Drug and vaccine companies are racing to conduct clinical trials of potential treatments for Ebola but it will be 2015 before there are any initial results and much later before significant quantities could be available, executives said on Friday.

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In interviews on the sidelines of a meeting hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO), they said that efforts would focus on developing safe and efficient products for human use that could win fast-tracked regulatory approval.