“You have a partner in the U.S”: Obama tells West Africa


Obama assured the people of West Africa saying, “you have a partner in me and the United States”.

According to some media reports, the U.S’s Ebola response will among others include the deployment of 3,000 U.S. military forces and more than 500 million US dollars in defense spending drawn from funding normally used for efforts like the war in Afghanistan.

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 “The United States is working with your governments to help stop this disease and the first step is knowing the facts,” Obama said in a video statement to West African countries.

“Stopping this disease will not be easy, but we know how to do it, you are not alone and together we can treat those who are sick with respect, love and dignity,” he added.

Obama said with proper treatment nearly half of patients can recover from this disease urging those who feel the signs to sick medical attention as soon as possible.

The incubation period from time of infection to symptoms is two to 21 days, this is according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

About 4,366 people have been confirmed, suspected, or probable cases of the disease, with 2,218 having succumbed to the disease.

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Meanwhile, Cuba’s Minister of Public Health, Roberto Morales Ojeda announced that his country was sending a medical team of 165 people to Sierra Leone to help in the frontline in the Ebola response efforts. 

The hardest hit countries of Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Guinea’s economic growth could drop due to the outbreak.