PTA to invest US$1 bln towards Africa’s infrastructural projects

by Trust Matsilele 0

Matshe who directs PTA’s Fund Management and Mauritius Office added that the fourth edition of the Private Equity Conference held in September aimed at reaffirming the position of Mauritius as the financial hub in the region.

He added taht the PTA Bank intended to invest about one billion US dollar in addressing the regional infrastructural deficit.

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The conference was also a platform for investors in the private equity space to explore and discuss key projects in need of investment across emerging markets.

Matshe said his company had participated in the just-ended conference as it had a presence in the economy.

“We are very active in Mauritius and we have a couple of projects we have done with some having been completed,” said Matshe.

“We were part of the Apollo Bramwell project and we are looking at funding some projects in the energy and fishing sectors.”

Matshe added that his company established its regional offices in the business-friendly country as it was ideal largely due to its financial services regulatory framework.

“We were looking at a place where we can station our regional office and Mauritius was the ideal place to do that because of its well-developed financial markets,” added Matshe.

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“Mauritius is attractive because of support systems that you get as a financial hub for Africa and the regulatory environment is very strong as the financial sector has a very competent regulator.”

Matshe said the recent report by the World Bank, expressed the continent as lagging far behind in the infrastructural projects.

According to the bank, Africa has a deficit of about 90 billion US dollars a year for the next ten years.