SABMiller takes new spin on traditional beer image

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“Our long experience of operating in emerging markets means we are well-positioned to
capture the opportunities from these high-growth markets. But in the more mature and
fragmented markets, we need a new approach,” said Alan Clark, chief executive officer of the world’s second largest brewing company, [DATA SAB:SABMiller plc]

“We have a long-term vision to push out the boundaries of the beer category, appealing to more consumers on more occasions through innovation and challenging traditional perceptions of beer.”

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Nick Fell, marketing director at SABMiller, added that beer’s appeal could be completely transformed the way that coffee has been changed over the years.  

“We know there’s untapped potential in beer and it’s time to change the image of
beer as just a drink for guys watching sport. Why shouldn’t beer be a great choice with food or something that has much more appeal for women?”

“Achieving this will take time but it can be done. Just look at coffee. What was previously a one- dimensional drink has become everything from an inexpensive cup of instant at home to a premium-priced speciality drink in a coffee shop with a huge range of exotic flavours and styles. We have the same opportunity and vision for beer.”

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SABMiller recently launched its Castle Light Lime range in order to tap into the flavoured beer market, a sector that grew globally in volume by seven per cent in 2013 according to Euromonitor International.

“We are already seeing good results from strengthening our core lager brands and expanding our portfolios into new areas such as radlers, flavoured beers and ciders. Our new strategy for beer takes us further. We believe our unrivalled local market insights – as the most local of the global brewers – combined with our size and scale will allow us to really shape the future of beer n new and interesting ways,” said Fell.