Motsepe donates US$1 million to AU’s Ebola mission

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“Ebola has created a negative perception of the continent and this is a humble initiative by the business community and various others to take responsibility. We are absolutely confident that we will defeat Ebola,” said founder of the Motsepe Foundation, Patrice Motsepe, speaking at the AU Private Sector Meeting in Addis Ababa on Saturday.

He said that although West Africa has been the hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak, it remains a global challenge as it threatens humanity as a whole.  

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Through various initiatives, Motsepe believes that Africa’s private sector responded timeously to the Ebola outbreak.

“The African business community was engaged from the very beginning and what we should focus on is that the contributions made were not just financial. There are various contributions made from different companies.”

“We appeal to the global business community and the various other governmental entities involved in the fight against Ebola and are very grateful to them for their huge contributions.”

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He added that there has since been greater collaboration as well as a broader exchange of ideas and mobilisation among the private sector.

“While many of us have embarked on our own initiatives, there is recognition that we can be so much more effective if we collaborate on many of these initiatives together.”