Are you going to save the world with your MBA?


Dana Brown, MBA Director at Oxford University’s Said Business School, said that successful MBA candidates are innovative and have the ability to see beyond current markets.

“The greatest opportunities in business, both on the continent of Africa and elsewhere are in markets that are not already there and existing but are markets that need to be developed.”

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Brown added that nowadays in order for business leaders to be successful in any given market it is imperative that they have a great understanding of the society, the politics and the broader environment in which business takes place.

“It’s not just about bottom line profitability any more. Everyone knows that you have to be able to think more broadly that you have to be able to understand complexity and if you’re going to succeed in some of the most new and exciting markets.”

The Oxford MBA program has been re-designed with particular focus on global issues and markets.

“We can prepare business leaders to think about some of the more complex issues outside of the boardroom that are affecting business today such as demographic change, social change, big data and water scarcity.”

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Brown says despite rumours that the MBA is dying she continues to see a very healthy market of MBA candidates coming out of Oxfords business school with a broader knowledge that will benefit them in leadership.

“It’s a huge investment to walk away from your work for a year but the return on it is tremendous,” she said.