Is the gaming industry Africa’s next big thing?


“PricewaterhouseCoopers entertainment made a survey that showed the Nigerian gaming market is worth about 71 million dollars and the one in South Africa is about 217 million dollars. And that’s when we still don’t have a gaming culture yet,” said Abiola Olaniran, CEO of Gamsole.

Olaniran, who entered the market in 2011 after winning a mobile game competition, says that although the gaming market on the continent is young, developers should leverage on the African story.

“The African story telling ability creates a fun factor for people all around the world,” he said.


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One of the challenges the continent faces is attracting people to the industry.

“One of the responsibilities of these new gaming companies is to actually create a gaming culture to get people interested in games in Africa. It’s not just about the ad hoc specific gamers, you have to get the ordinary people interested in it and that’s our home challenge.”

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Olaniran says for people wanting to get into the industry they have to have a great passion for the sector as well as an understanding of how it operates.

The industry hopes to attract part of the 700 million mobile broadband subscribers on the continent. One of the ways that will make it easier for developers in the industry is if mobile network providers lowered broadband prices it would create a greater opportunity for people in the gaming industry.