Do you think, that if you keep quiet, it will just go away?

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Musicians and celebrities have come out to add their voices to the fight against Ebola.

In their latest video, international campaigning and advocacy organisation, ONE Campaign released a video titled ‘Ebola: What are we waiting for?‘ The video depicts a number of African celebrities in different settings staying silent and frustrated in the wake of the Ebola epidemic.

The video calls on the world to speak up and act in response to the epidemic which has killed over 5,000 people in West Africa.

The continent needs an improvement in a number of sectors including heath and finance. The video calls for ordinary citizens to sign a petition against the virus. This is the second video released by ONE.

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Last week they released a video of similar nature titled ‘Ebola: Waiting’. The video featured continental and international celebrities including: Ice Prince, Akon, Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Danai Gurira, Thandie Newton, Per Mertesacker as well as ONE co-founder Bono.

Another celebrity making waves in the industry is Bob Geldof who re-released the song ‘Do they know it’s Christmas‘ with other celebrities. The lyrics of the song were changed to focus on the Ebola epidemic. Although the song reached number one in the UK it was met with criticism.

“The song has been slammed by critics who say the rewritten lyrics, including Christmas bells that clang ‘chimes of doom’ and a world of ‘dread and fear/Where a kiss of love can kill you’, are an insult to Africans,” reported Reuters.

Tiken Jah Fakoly, a renowned Ivorian musician, also commented on the song.  

“I praise Bob Geldof’s initiative and he has raised a lot of money, but we must try and avoid stigmatising Africa as a continent that needs pity,” he said to the Thomson Reuters Foundation.  

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Top African musicians have collaborated and released a song called ‘Africa stop Ebola‘. The song urges Africans to take Ebola seriously and to take precautions such as washing hands, avoid shaking hands with others as well as refraining from touching dead bodies.

The song is sung in French and other African languages. The song features the likes of Salif Keita, Oumou Sangare, duo Amadou and Mariam, Mory Kante, Barbara Kanam and Didier Awadi.

The song has reportedly sold 250,000 copies since its unofficial release earlier this month with all proceeds going to medical charity Doctors Without Borders.