Minimising the impact of Ebola in Africa

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Charles Okeahalam, CEO AGH Capital, says governments should review their budgets to place a greater focus on the effect Ebola has had on the continent.

“No one knew it was going to be quite this big. Money can’t be created easily but with a new budget process, taking in mind the fact that this is a major shock, I think there will be an adequate response,” he said.

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Okeahalam said when it comes to business and investment many are weighing up the long and short-term implications to see whether they should invest now or later.

“What we need to do as Africa is to continue doing what we are doing, invest, transfer our own savings our own long term savings from pensions into our own economies and build our own economies.”

Okeahalam says many can learn from Nigeria and how the country overcame the epidemic.

“If you have a government committed to making a change on a particular area then it can build capacity. We need to build capacity in the area of healthcare in the area of the supply of adequately trained human ability to meet this shock,” he said.

When it comes to looking at foreign aid, although the continent should seek assistance from the global community they should not soley rely on it.

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“This presents, in a perverse way, an opportunity for Africans to show that they can respond to their own challenge. This is an opportunity to show that we’ve evolved from the time just aid as a solution to a point now where we should take the responsibility and try and find solutions to this challenge,” said Okeahalam.