A woman’s work: Life’s balancing act

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Castalia Moloi, vice president of legal: mining and SA Operations , says, when it comes to work, men often have the upper hand. They are able to work longer hours not having to worry about personal matters such as fetching children from school or making dinner. On the other hand, women are in constant battle between fulfilling their duties at home and at work.

“It’s right to want it all, it’s right to want to be the best mother we can be, the best everything but it takes a toll. The sacrifices involved are in your capacity as a mother, a wife and as a manager.”

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Moloi says that women have to adjust to working differently and managing their time more efficiently. 

“It is hard, it is difficult but we did say we want to do it,” she said while speaking at the Women in Justice Conference in Johannesburg.

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One of the main issues she has experienced in her legal profession is the issue of delegation and refraining from micromanaging employees.

“One needs to let it be. Trust other people that they can do the job and that they can do it just as well as you can. You have to trust your young female attorneys.”

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There are many women at the top of their careers who are also often the only females in their position. Moloi says that if we as women want to see an increase of women in our chosen professions we must stop focusing on ourselves and look to mentoring young people.