Aggreko finds fortune in Africa's power sector


Aggreko – one of the world’s largest temporary power generation companies – which originated in Holland, made its first money heating greenhouses. As the years went on the company found contracts at the docks of Rotterdam and from there into the oil fields of the North Sea, before settling in Glasgow. 

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This 52-year-old power rental company, builds temporary power plants from Mozambique to Mombasa. Aggreko has supplied 150MW to mines in 10 countries in Africa earning 40 million dollars a year in revenue. 


David Taylor-Smith, the regional manager for Europe, Middle-East and Africa, says that business within Africa has been increased by a compound of 50 per cent every year for the last three years. 

“You have to understand that the whole of Africa has the same power output as Spain and this creates great opportunities for us,” he said.