Ethiopia has made incredible progress in addressing poverty


Ethiopia has made tremendous progress in addressing poverty; this is according to Elizabeth Stuart, Team Leader for Sustainable Development Goals at Overseas Development Institute.

“Ethiopia has shown Chinese levels of poverty reduction,” added Stuart.

“In 1992 about four children out of five of primary school age were out of school but that number has been reduced to less than one in five.”

Stuart said though some countries were still battling to address development goals, progress had been made.

“The fact that countries have come together and managed to agree [to Sustainable Development Goals] SDGs is an extra ordinary achievement,” she said.

“There has been a great deal of inclusion and participation in the process of developing the goals which saw civil society groups and governments globally shows some consensus.”

Stuart said to achieve these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); it is going to require unprecedented progress.

She warned of inaction saying countries needed to put extra effort above what was being done already.

“The report coming out next week shows that one person in every three people will experience extreme poverty if we continue doing business as usual in 2030,” Stuart said.

The deadline for achieving sustainable development goals is 2030. 

The pre-decessor programme to SDGs was the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) that sought to address social issues. Not all of the MDGs were met.

Stuart said some countries in sub-Saharan Africa had achieved the MDGs while others have shown extreme levels of poverty reduction.

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There are about 17 SDG targets and Stuart said this was a reflection of the gravity of the situation.

“The scale of the SDGs with 17 deliverables reflects the scale of the challenge, while the MDGs with eight deliverables were only trying to address social issues such as health, education and poverty reduction.”  

The SDGs which are set to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and reverse climate change will be adopted next week by world leaders meeting in New York.