Africa's most boozy cities


South Africa drinks the most booze in the region; this was revealed in a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

The study looked at expenditures per capita of leading firms in beverages, tobaccco and transport.

The same survey also looked at the companies’ future investment plans on the continent within the next decade.


The report revealed that Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban were the leading cities in expenditure per capita on beverages and tobacco on the continent.

Libya was the leading country on expenditure per capita on transport followed by Cape Town.

S.Africa Beverages

According to EIU data, per-capita expenditure was higher in all 29 African cities studied, see infographic above, than in their respective nations.

The report also surveyed leading firms’ expansion plans into Africa, see infographic, and established that these companies believe it will be a priority within the next decade. 

Companies In Africa

“Companies looking to expand into Africa need to concentrate their strategy where growth and demographics are most favourable – in major cities,” said the Economist Intelligence Unit.

“It is not enough to plan a strategy around nationally-forecasted growth, but rather to have critical forecasting and business information on a particular city.”