UN expected to vote on South Sudan arms embargo

Many fear that failure to implement the arms embargo could spark a possible genocide in the world's newest country

Lake Chad most neglected humanitarian crisis in 2016 – Report

Conflict in Lake Chad has left over 8 million people destitute and many teetering on the brink of famine

Police hunt for Tunisian man in Berlin market attack

The Tunisian man's identity document was found under the driver's seat of the truck that ploughed into a Berlin Christmas market

What Mauritius’ first female president plans for Africa

Being the first female president of Mauritius is not enough for Ameenah Gurib-Fakim. She is on a mission to make the world a better place.

Genocide feared in South Sudan

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon fears genocide may start in the world's newest country and renews plea for arms embargo

Op-Ed: S.A's RDP housing inadequate for transformation

So how did the apartheid government succeed in creating several generations of poor black South Africans?
How West Africa built the muscle to rout dictators

Why this Nigerian multi-millionaire is working hard to eradicate neglected tropical...

The toll of these entirely preventable and treatable diseases on Africa’s families and economies is enormous
Top-rated analyst gives his investment view on one of S.A's most anticipated listings: Dis-Chem

Looking for new opportunities? How not to quit a job

Here are a few tips to help you master the art of quitting.
Op-Ed: 2017 worst year yet for S.A tax payers

Op-Ed: Difficult year almost over

It is almost time to say goodbye and perhaps even good riddance to 2016.

Africa’s richest province Gauteng is working hard to attract businesses

The province has started initiatives such as the Gauteng Investment Centre, which brings key services to those wanting to start businesses.
Did data must fall lobby misrepresent the facts?

Did data must fall lobby misrepresent the facts?

Consumers want faster data at lower prices, yesterday. The #DataMustFall movement is agitating for lower mobile and fixed-line data prices.

Scientists say Africa must act now to feed itself in 2050

One way to meet growing demand is to expand the land area to grow crops, but this would mean cutting down forests.

Egypt mourns victims of church bombing

At least 24 people died and 49 were wounded when a bomb exploded in a chapel adjoining St Mark's Cathedral, Cairo's largest church.

Journalist dies after hunger strike in Algiers

Tamalt, who was based in London, was arrested in Algeria in June for posts he had shared on Facebook that were seen as critical.

Op-Ed: Sub-Sahara's dance of debt to continue into 2017

Sovereign debt continues to rise in sub-Saharan Africa and many analysts don’t see debt levels and debt servicing costs diminishing.
Op-Ed: Digital revolution is futile without customer focus

VC Funding – Missing link for innovators

Why is it that African VC funds just aren’t engaging? And what can be done to rectify that?
Op-Ed: Is the new globalization a flash-back for Africa?

Op-Ed: Five key facts about African consumers

The African economy is expected to grow 50% in the next few years, double the rate of developed markets.
Forced evictions fuel African land disputes & hit investments

African governments urged to help millions uprooted from their homes

The worst affected country was Nigeria, with as many as 736,000 fleeing their homes in 2015.

Scientists come across tumour in fossil rarity

The animal was a member of an extinct group of four-legged carnivores called gorgonopsians that mixed mammal-like and reptile-like traits.

Top tips for travelling overseas this festive season

Tickets & accommodation booked, travel documentation sorted, ready to go. But, did you notify your bank that you are travelling overseas?