Africa needs infrastructural investment to take it into the digital future: Bain


Africa is set to see everyone in the region being connected through smartphones and connectivity will also include machines for industries, Laurent-Pierre Baculard, Digitalisation Practice Leader, EMEA at Bain & Company told CNBC Africa.

“Every machine is going to be connected through different censors that will be able to provide data tailored to an individual company’s context,” he added.

Baculard also said digitalisation would see different companies and several industrial sectors serving their respective customers better.


He also said improved infrastructure would help the region realise new markets, new skills and new intelligence which would ultimately lead to new job opportunities.

Baculard said the region’s leading big telecoms players should invest more in fixed and mobile infrastructure.

“Each industry sector should develop its own transformation plan,” he said.

Frederic Debruyn, Telecom and Media Practice Leader, EMEA at Bain & Company weighed in saying Africa, as the fastest growing continent when it comes to telecoms, should scale up infrastructural investments.

“Currently there are more than 700 million customers are being served in the region which is set to reach to a billion customers in the next five years,” said Debruyn.

He also added that big telecoms companies were under pressure among others MTN and Vodafone as the region, as far as infrastructure, was still on stage one.

Debruyn said, these companies should build the networks for the future that will enable the digital economy.