A stress-free trip thanks to World MasterCard

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Presented by: World MasterCard

You’ve had a year of sacrifices, both in the time and money departments, in order to have the family holiday of a lifetime. The day of the holiday arrives and excitement levels in the house are earth-shatteringly high. Your son has never been happier to get up at 6am and when you look for his suitcase, you see he placed it at the front door the night before. After much convincing, your wife has cut down her three suitcase pile to one and you’re finally on your way. 

After what seemed like a never-ending flight and trying to keep your son in his seat for the duration of the flight, you’ve finally landed and are waiting for your luggage to get your trip started. And you’re waiting. And you’re waiting and you’re waiting. When you are the only people left at the luggage carousel, it dawns on you that your luggage may not be joining you on your travels.

Fear not, World MasterCard knows that no trip is without its hitches which is why they introduced Travel Inconvenience Insurance. If your luggage goes missing you’re compensated for up to $3 000. If your bags are on their way but slightly delayed, you’re covered for up to $300.

World MasterCard has thought of every travel eventuality. If you’ve had to cancel your trip, you’re compensated up to $7 500. Trip curtailment and trip delays are all part of the Travel Inconvenience Insurance. And if you and your family spent too much time shopping in Duty Free and didn’t hear the announcement for your connecting flight, you’re compensated for up to $300. No problem!

Your year of sacrifices finally paid off. You’re on holiday, you’re relaxed, you’re with your family and you’re fully covered for almost any eventuality with your World MasterCard.

Terms and conditions apply. Ask your bank for a World MasterCard or visit www.mastercard.co.za/world to find out more.