Women’s safety a top reason for migration among the wealthy


What motivates wealthy people to migrate? A newly released report by New World Wealth identifies the treatment of women as one of the top reasons for migration.

Many wealthy people, the report says, “want to ensure that their daughters grow up in a safe environment.”

Australia takes the top spot as the safest country for women worldwide. It is followed by New Zealand, Canada, USA and Scotland. These countries have stringent laws in place for women abusers.


Women’s safety in this study refers to safety from rape, assault, slavery, trafficking etc. and excludes broader issues such as gender equality and equal rights.

In Africa the safest countries for women are Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Angola and Zambia, with Sudan, Libya, Mali and Somalia being the least safe places for women.

Factors that influence woman abuse are the size of free media, efficiency of law enforcement, value system, level of compassion shown by general population and financial security.

The report says that in future the safety of women will determine the long term prospects of a country.

“Countries with a good level of woman safety will outperform those with low levels of woman safety going forward” says the report.

Other issues the report found as reasons for wealthy people to migrate to a country are; schooling and education opportunities for their children, work transfers, business opportunities, taxes, healthcare system, religious and racial tensions, and lifestyle: climate, pollution, space, nature and scenery.