Report: How global flights rank


Online travel agency has ranked countries of the world to determine which offer the most and least expensive flights. South Africa was ranked seventh among the countries with the least expensive flights.

South Africa came in with an average flight cost of 7.33 US dollars per 100 kilometres of travel.

With a low cost airline, Algeria came in at 5.17 dollars per 100 kilometres in international flights and a total average of 7.67 dollars per 100 kilometres, ranking at position eight.


Malaysia took second place as one of the least expensive countries with an average of 3.78 dollars followed by Russia at third place with 5.88 dollars, Portugal at fourth place with an average of 6.71 dollars, then Indonesia with 6.84 dollars and Azerbaijan at sixth place with an average of 6.93 dollars per 100 kilometres.

On the other side of the coin, among the countries with expensive flights, Canada was ranked at seventy with an average of 38.71 dollars, followed by Japan with 41.48 dollars total average, the Netherlands at seventy two with 42.35 dollars average, Qatar with an average of 50.37 dollars and Finland at seventy four at 50.89 dollars per 100 kilometres.

The least expensive country was India with an average flight cost of 3.25 dollars per 100 kilometres while the United Arab Emirates had the most expensive flight with a low cost airline of 11.28 dollars and a total average cost of 105.71 dollars per 100 kilometres.